CHINAHUB – Pairing entrepreneurs worldwide with the Chinese market

CHINAHUB – Pairing entrepreneurs worldwide with the Chinese market

CHINAHUB is neither a coworking space nor a traditional business center. We are more than that and we just began evolving. CHINAHUB by SimpliOffice Krefeld started as a SIMPLIOFFICE with an intense focus on the Chinese market. With a diverse network of Chinese advisors and shareholders, we always attracted inquiries from Chinese companies looking West and German companies looking East. Within the last months, we decided to set a new focus. We quit being a coworking space. We also quit being an office center. While we are still offering both – coworking desks and private offices – our knowledge, expertise, and an extended network in China will soon become a major hub connecting businesses worldwide with the Chinese market and vice versa.


Krefeld is where our CHINAHUB headquarter is located. Here, a team of around 20 people works hard on a mission to transform a traditional business center into a true CHINAHUB. Furthermore, we are renting out more than 60 private offices to small businesses and startups. Beginning on November 1st we will continue bringing Chinese coined entrepreneurs to Krefeld by offering more than 200 flexible desks to our members for a limited price of only 85,00 € per months (only available from November 1st until December 31st). Our members gain access to a network of Chinese businessmen and businesswomen, other like-minded startups and businesses, and a network of advisors and mentors. By focusing on China first, we will ensure that all our members will chat with other members about their own China-specific challenges with an after-work beer. Join our China-specific community!

The CHINAHUB location in Krefeld is strategically located just 15 minutes from the destination of the Yuxinou freight rail-road – which ends in Duisburg. You can reach the international airport in Düsseldorf in 15 minutes as well. From there you will find direct flights to Beijing-Capital, Singapore, Teheran, Bangkok, Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and many more. You can reach Rotterdam, Europe’s largest port, within 2 hours by car.

Our knowledge, community, and great location are also the basis for regular events, meetups, and seminars focused on China, the new silk road, trade- and business opportunities in China, and more. You can visit many of them for free, simply have a look at our event calendar.

What is next?

We are still working hard on enhancing our Chinese expertise by working on great collaborations and partnerships with other companies. We are recruiting and attracting additional advisors and shareholders into our company to extend our reach in China even more. Over the next year, we will implement the newest technology to loosen our community from our location and open CHINAHUB up for everyone worldwide. Our members, partners, and supporters in the local governments will benefit from a growing CHINAHUB and thousands of businesses who will start growing East.

Interested in learning more? Book a free tour and we will show you our location in Krefeld and answer you any questions you might have.