Our Crucial Partners

Our partners are crucial for our and our member's success.


Partnerships: Our key to success

Our partners help us support our members in every area, from visa support to strategic partnerships with chinese provinces, cities, and local governments.


Our partners who assist you with the emigration process of employees to China.


PASSARGE VISA is our partner based in Beijing, helping us and all our members with residence and work permits for China, as well as general visa consultation services.

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We collaborate with travel agencies helping you with your visits to China.

FITT Group

FITT Group is our official partner for any travel and business trips to China and the associated necessary travel visas.

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Partnerships with Chinese Cities

We currently cultivate fruitful relationships with local politicians in the Chinese city of Weihai and a municipality of Chongqing.

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Let's work together!

We are currently working out several partnerships which we will announce soon. You see commonalities between your company and CHINAHUB? Let’s talk. We are always open and actively looking for collaborations which help our members succeed.