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What drives us

Free trade is weapon against poverty

We at Chinahub reject any type of separation because we think that global free-trade was a main reason why billions of people were shifted out of poverty.

Free trade allowed many countries – and among them China by way of example – lift their citizens out of poverty. However, today we are experiencing a time where more and more self-proclaimed Western countries choose isolation over global collaboration. 

So why does it sound strange when China became liberal from some perspectives by initiating the belt and road initiative?

In 2013 the Chinese president Xi Jinping announced the One Belt, One Road initiative which is an infrastructure and investment project amounting to US$4–8 trillion covering more than 68 countries and 65% of the world population.

We at CHINAHUB truly believe that a closer collaboration between European and Asian countries will lift additional millions of people out of poverty while promoting millions of people into the middle-class.

We see the Chinese consumer and therefore the Chinese market as a key component in this equation. Opening and simplifying the Chinese market to millions of European and Central Asian citizens will result in an unimaginable increase in purchasing power for them.

We are here to assist European and Central Asian entrepreneurs to, first of all, understand the Chinese market and then expand to the new land of opportunity: China.

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Our team consists of true industry experts from China to Germany

Xuemei Feng

Managing Director

Xuemei Feng is the managing director and responsible for medical affairs and medical tourism between China and Germany. As an expert she knows the needs of our customers and refers our clients to the best doctors in Germany.

Hao Li

Managing Director

Hao Li is a managing director and the head of our China incubator program responsible for connecting Chinese and German companies and startups.

Donghui Zhang

Managing Director

Donghui Zhang is managing director for the trade of art from China to Germany and vice versa. She is always looking for artists who are interested in selling art to Chinese consumers.

Mei Wang

Managing Director

Mei Wang is the managing director responsible for the trade and product placement of European goods and intellectual property in the Chinese market.

Karl Grage


Karl Grage is the founder of Simplioffice Krefeld GmbH out of which CHINAHUB evolved. Even though he stepped aside as managing director, he’s actively involved as CHINAHUB’s chief evangelist and in various expansion conceptions.

Ma Meng

Managing Director

Ma Meng is a managing director and responsible for advising our customers about the Chinese stock market – for example initial public offerings on Chinese exchanges.

Yali Yang

Managing Director

Yali Yang is the heart of our business. She takes care of the crucial communication between our German head office and our Chinese business partners.

Lieselotte Prädel-Weber

Assistant of the Management

Lieselotte Prädel-Weber is the assistant of the management who undertakes crucial backoffice tasks such as preparing contracts, preparative bookkeeping and much more.

Christian Gauche

Community Associate

Christian Gauche assists our community with the daily business of the office- and trade center business.

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