Weihai-Krefeld German-Chinese Innovation Center

Weihai Lounge Krefeld

Weihai Business Lounge

The symbolic Weihai-Krefeld German-Chinese Innovation Center is a business lounge and showroom within the CHINAHUB Krefeld. It is an official lounge of the Weihai government to promote business, trade, and investments between Germany and Weihai.

  • Promoting business and investments between Germany and Weihai City
  • First contact point for investments in Weihai
  • Free coworking for Wehai citizens in CHINAHUB Krefeld
  • Professional exchange between the Weihai government and CHINAHUB
  • Expanded professional network to companies and investors from Weihai
On 12th of November 2018, Haibo Zhang, mayor of Weihai, opened the business lounge with his German counterpart Frank Meyer, mayor of Krefeld.

About the city of Weihai

Located at the eastern tip of Shandong Peninsula, Weihai City governs Huancui District, Wendeng District, Rongcheng City and Rushan City, and has three national development zones including Weihai Torch Hi-tech Science Park, Economic & Technological Development Zone and International Port Economic and Technological Development District, with a total area of 5797km2, registered population of 2.81 million.

A maritime city with obvious advantages

As key city in the core area of Shandong Peninsula Marine Economic Zone, Weihai has a coastline of 985.9km, accounting for about 1/3 of Shandong Province, which is rich in over 300 varieties of seafood and possess 13,278 various kinds of fishing boats; output of aquatic products is up to 2.557 million tons, accounting for 28% of the province and 4% of the country, being the largest fishery production base. Its port handling capacity reaches 7323.9 million tons.

A tourism city with abundant resources

“Thousand kilometers of coastline makes a beautiful picture– East or west, Weihai is the best.” Weihai has 185 islands and beautiful beaches, with many hot springs in the territory, and mountain, sea, bay, beach, island and spring enhancing each other’s beauty, forming the unique coastal scenery. Weihai received 39.1 million person-times of tourists from home and abroad in 2016, with the total tourism revenue of RMB 51.94 billion.

An emerging open city

Currently Weihai has 12 commercial ports, and 13 top state-level port (operation areas) and 15 maritime passenger and cargo transport lanes opened to South Korea, Japan and other counties. There are 1 international route and 16 domestic routes opened by Weihai Airport, reaching 1.73 million person-times. Weihai opened railway to Jinan, Beijing and Wuhan, etc. As the pilot port for Sino-Korea land-ocean transportation business, Weihai has now opened three Sino-Korea land-ocean transportation channels at Weihai Port, Longyan Port and Shidao Port. The foreign investment actually received in 2016 of the city was 7.99 billion RMB; the total export-import volume reached 119.05 billion RMB.

A distinctive industrial city

There are 20,000 various kinds of industrial enterprises in Weihai, including 1,860 large-scale enterprises and 16 listed enterprises. It focuses on cultivation of seven industrial clusters of machine manufacturing, food processing, transportation equipment, textile and garment, new information, new pharmaceutics and medical apparatuses and new material and product, being the largest production bases for fishing gear, tire, medical polymer product, wood-working machine, carpet, etc., in the country, featuring with 19 Chinese famous-brand products and 35 Chinese well-known trademarks.

A stably rising innovative city

Weihai has established 287 R&D platforms above provincial level, therein: 3 national laboratories, 12 national enterprise technology centers and engineering technology research centers, 79 enterprise technology centers above provincial level, and 76 engineering technology research centers above provincial level. There are 9 institutions of higher education in Weihai, cultivating 20,000 various types of talents every year. Output value of high and new technology industry accounts for up to 40% of the total industrial output value.

An ecological city with a beautiful environment

Featuring oceanic climate characteristics, Weihai has four distinctive seasons, and sufficient sunlight, with the excellent ratio of air quality in the downtown of up to 98.3%, with the forest coverage rate reaching 42.7%. Weihai has been awarded the United Nations “Habitat Scroll of Honor Award” and “China Habitat Environment Prize”; has established International Habitat Festival Weihai China.

A harmonious city with full development

For the whole city, the per capita disposable income of the urban residents is RMB 39,363 and the rural residents’ per capita net income is RMB 17,573. The economy and society development: the GDP of Weihai in 2016 has reached RMB 321.22 billion and the per capita GDP reaching USD 17,000; the general financial revenue of Weihai in 2016 amounts RMB 26.05 billion.

A thousand kilometers of coastlines and mountains present a brilliant landscape image. East or west, Weihai is the best. You are sincerely welcomed by the hospitable Weihai people.

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